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Why Become A FOURtress

Do you want to finally be able to put on size on your tall frame and have a lean muscular physique?


  • Do you no longer want to be be called skinny, slim, rail, and bones?

  • Do you want to create sustainable systems in your life that will bring continued progress?

  • Do you want to not just be tall anymore, but be seen as "BIG"?

  • Do you want to have that ripped physique that makes girls take a second look?

  • Do you want to be respected by your peers, and have the confidence to go after what you really want in life?

I, Kyle Grosshanten, am here to show you that it can be done. I am a 6'7 certified personal trainer, top online transformation coach and tall guy trainer. I am certain with the right systems in place, you too can turn your physique into something to be talked about. While at the same time turning your life into a much more fulfilling one.

By the Way! Check me out on Instagram! This is where you can see my most current content and you can also reach out to me regarding any questions about the program! @KyleGrosshanten

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SO let me guess, you've been trying to gain weight, put on size, lose your little belly and turn it into abs, get ripped, be healthy, etc. But you can't because nothing seems to work?

Guys, there is a reason you aren't making the progress you feel you should be. There is a reason you are hitting plateaus. There is a reason what works for everyone else does not work for us! It is not your fault, don't worry.

As tall guys, we need to do things differently if we are going to have a shot at building muscle. It took me years before I realized that I am different than an average guy in so many ways...

  • We have a much different metabolism.

  • We have longer limbs, which means longer muscles, longer levers to make contract, and different adversities we need to overcome that a normal man would never face.

  • The way our bodies process carbs is much different.

  • The style in which we train must be altered to match our metabolism and long levers.

  • Using our naturally occurring hormones to our ADVANTAGE is even more necessary when trying to change an ectomorphs physique. 


It wasn't until I started to figure these things out through my own research, trial and error, and talking to other tall bodybuilders, did I start to make my own real progress. 


I quickly realized a few things to be true:

  • Eating anything in sight just for the calories was not going to gain the kind of weight I wanted.

  • Nutrient timing (certain foods at certain times revolving around your workout) was going to play a huge role.

  • Normal training styles could only get me ripped, not big.

  • The way I used supplements in my diet needed to be different than the rest of the world.

Once I realized how different everything needed to be than the average mans everyday routine, it made sense why you never saw any tall guys over 220lbs and in great shape! There is no one out there to help the tall guy! I decided to change all that, welcome to the FOURtress.

The FOURtress is an all inclusive program I developed for the tall guy trying to take his physique and lifestyle to the next level. Now, this program is different than anything I've ever created in the sense that it is created with one goal in mind: GET RESULTS. 

Normally, my programs are custom built for the indivudual, with all the details of exactly what to eat, how to train, how to supplement etc. The thing I was leaving out were the reasons WHY. I am sure you know the old saying...

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

I wasn't showing people the principals behind what they were doing, this lead to lack of motivation and trust in their actions. It also lead to clients not knowing what to do down the road when they needed a change. See, once you know why things are set up the way they are, you can make them yours; give it your own twist and touch. This way it caters to you as an individual and you can continue to make progress for a lifetime. 

This is why "Becoming A FOURtress" will be the only program you need for the rest of your life. 

It breaks down the 4 "FOURtress" principals, that need to be working in sync in order for us to make gains. It breaks down the training styles and the reasons behind them. It explains why and how our diet and supplement regimens need to be so different than the average mans, and so much more. It breaks down how to fight the "flat" look and why it always happens to us tall guys, and so much more.

Once you sign up, you will get your own username and password, and you will be able to log into the membership area of my website and you will have access to all of the content and how it pertains to tall guys. Including:

  • The FOURtress Factors
  • Warm Up Protocol
  • Lifting Gear Protocol
  • Low Volume Training Principal
  • Range Of Motion Protocol
  • Pump Set Principal
  • 3000, 4000, and 5000 calorie meal plans
  • Supplement Principals / Timing / Amounts / Grocery List
  • 12 Different Workout Protocol pdf.s

In Addition to all of that, I am throwing in 3 FREE bonuses!

  1. Access to the members only facebook group "Becoming a FOURtress: A Tall Mans Quest" where we will all be sharing our stories and I will personally be answering all questions and concerns.

  • Get support, ask for help, get motivation, and give encouragement to others as you navigate through your journey.

  • Post videos of your lifts to get form-checks from others in the community (An EXTREMELY valuable Bonus)

  • Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who work hard just like you and are interested in discussing intelligent training and nutritional approaches

2. Get access to all updates to the program instantly. New content will be added to the online course as it progresses and improves, you will be the first to be alerted and to have access to the new content.

image1 (15).JPG

3. A "Mindset Matters" Signature Stringer Tank Top!

Guys, bottom line is this program is the best program for tall guys to get big ever created. There is no better way to gain muscle size, strength, confidence, and structure in your everyday life. PERIOD. I can say this with 100% confidence because I have been there. I was a stick before, I was the kid with no confidence, no job, no friends, no girl friend, no car, no real reason to live... This lifestyle ultimately made life worth living. Instead of dreading getting out of bed in the morning, I would jump out of bed, ready to do everything I had to do to make the most progress towards my goals as possible. The confidence, the girls, the respect, the size, the strength, the PEACE OF MIND. That all came later. Once you realize you are a part of something bigger than you, it has a very humbling effect on your existence, and that is what I want to pass onto you. This isnt just another workout plan, this is a new lifestyle, a new version of yourself, and a brand new future that you can create for yourself if you play your cards right. This is the blue print to Become A FOURtress. 

I wanted to make this program affordable, but at the same time I wanted to make sure anyone who purchased it saw the value and took this serious. Remember the whole purpose of this is to GET RESULTS. Period. I need 100% commitment from everyone that becomes part of this community. I want a 100% success rate for all members of the program. This can only happen with trust and dedication starting with YOU.

Invest in yourself today, your future self will thank you.

If you act now, you will become a lifetime member to the program, get the bonuses, for a one time payment of only $150 USD, OR 2 Monthly Payments of $99.

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