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"The Buddy System" - 16 Week Transformation Program For Couples / Friends

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"The Buddy System" - 16 Week Transformation Program For Couples / Friends

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Buddy/Couple Transformation Program

This program is perfect for couples or for you and a friend looking to get in shape together. Male/female, young/old, bulking/cutting, you can do this program with literally anyone, regardless of whether or not you have the same goals, body type, or experience. 

2 separate customized plans with 16 weeks of meals in a custom meal plan (adjusted as we go, based off of progress and preferences)

16 weeks of customized workouts for each person (changed every 4 weeks)

Weekly check-ins, progress reports and photos, weigh-ins

Supplement recommendations all PERSONALLY tried by me

Detailed cardio routine

24/7 support and accountability