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Becoming A FOURtress


Welcome to the Becoming A FOURtress Flagship Program, the only program you will ever need to continue to improve your physique as a tall man. There is a few things you will need to get started. 

  • You will be starting with the 3000 calorie diet plan, if at first it seems too difficult to consume the recommended portions, don't worry. We are changing your metabolism and stretching your stomach, so this will get easier. If you are having trouble, start with smaller portions but the same amount of meals, and slowly increase the size of the meals. Progress into the next tier meal plan as soon as possible, ideally in 30-60 days. The same goes for the transition into 4000-5000 calories.

  • There are a lot of different supplements in this program. You do not NEED supplements to make progress, yet they will help you progress through the program as fast as your body will allow. It may take time to accumulate all the supplements and training gear, that's ok, continue the program as scheduled.

  • I want you to track your progress on the client measurements sheet. Track your weight weekly and track your measurements with a measuring tape biweekly. Make sure you are progressing, if not something you are doing is off and needs to be addressed.

  • Make sure you have joined the Facebook group called "becoming A FOURtress: A Tall Mans Quest" to join the conversation. When approved, share your story and your goals. As you progress, share your experiences with the rest of the group! The more we work as a team the easier it will be to reach our goals.  Lets Grow.


Module 1 : The FOUR Factors

Module 2 : Training Principals

Module 3 : Meal Plans

Module 4 : Supplements

Module 5 : Workout Protocols